Hotel Harsh Ananda

 Be Healthy , Be Safe , Keep others Safe .... Together we will defeat Covid'19


We Care …. Your Safety is our Priority..


Harsh Ananda Advantages

  • Located in center of the city in main market and business area and within walking distance from Railway station, Bus Station and High Court so Guests can walk to most places avoiding public transport
  • Area wise biggest Hotel in the City and with fewer number of rooms so most suited for Social Distancing
  • Dining Facility for only in-house guests so no walk-in of crowds to the restaurant
  • In-House room guests can order all meals as Room Service or request for a custom set up in one of the gardens
  • One can relax with peace of mind in the huge lush green gardens
  • All guest Rooms located on Ground & 1st Floors only and divided in two separate blocks so use of common elevator Not required to access rooms.


Strict Screening

  • Temperature check of all staff and guests coming to the hotel
  • No visitors allowed inside guest rooms
  • If any guest shows symptoms on arrival then he/she will be referred to nearest medical facility and entire group given check-in only after receiving clearance from designated medical authorities
  • If any guest shows symptoms during stay then he/she will be referred to nearest medical facility and further action as per advise from designated medical authorities
  • All guests must share travel history before check-in
  • All guests must share contact history for last 21 days and guests who have had contact any Coivid’19 positive or suspected person in last 21 days will be denied check-in


Hygienic Rooms

  • All washrooms to be equipped with liquid soap dispenser(s) or packed soap bars
  • Room linen to be changed once in two days or on request for continued stays
  • Room linen will be changed after each check-out
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitization of guest room after each check out
  • Face masks and gloves to be available on request for the guests
  • Freshly prepared bleach solution (1% sodium hypochlorite) or phenolic disinfectants
    to be used to clean washbasin, furniture, and toilets at regular intervals


Sanitized Indoors

  • Temperature check of all guests at the entry point. Any guest with a temperature above 98.6℉ will be refused admission and may be politely redirected to the closest medical facility.
  • Regular cleaning and sanitization of public touch points like door handles , Staircase Railings , EDC machine etc.
  • Sanitization of common areas (reception, lounge , lobby , staircases) every 6 hours with phenolic disinfectant
  • Record keeping of recent travel history of all guests as per government guidelines
  • Where the use of bleach is not suitable (metallic surfaces like door handles, security locks, keys, etc.), solutions with at least 70% alcohol to be used to wipe down such surfaces


Staff Training & Preparedness

  • All staff given proper training for social distancing and maintaining proper hygiene
  • All staff instructed to wear masks inside hotel premises
  • Social distancing to be observed at all times - Entrance, Reception area, Lobby, Stairs ,Gardens  etc.
  • House-keeping & service staff to wear masks (3-ply) and gloves (single-use) at all times Temperature check twice a day and mandatory leave for any employee having temperature above 98.6℉
  • Regular Staff training on hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette


Safe Dining

  • Dining Room staff to wear a mask (3-ply) and gloves at all times while serving guests
  • Table and seating arrangement to follow Social Distancing norms
  • WHO or Govt approved sanitizing agents used to disinfect and clean vegetables, meat and all other material
  • All kitchen supplies to be fully sanitized before entering the stores and refrigerators

Do’s & Don’ts for In-House Room Guests


  1. Maintain a distance of at least 6 ft from other guests and staff
  2. Properly Wash hands with water and soap for 20+ seconds after touching any public touch points and always before & after eating or touching own or family member’s face/mouth/eyes
  3. Use sanitizer with 70+% alcohol if water & soap not available
  4. Always wear face mask properly & tightly covering your nose & mouth whenever out of room or also whenever there is a staff member in your room
  5.  At check-in time correctly declare all information related to travel history ,direct or secondary contact with any symptomatic person in last 30 days
  6. Contact hotel manager immediately if you or any of your family member with whom you have been in contact in last 7 days , experiences any of the following symptoms
    1. Fever (Even low grade or even intermittent)
    2. Cough
    3. Difficulty breathing
    4. Cold symptoms – Sneezing , running nose , blocked nose
    5. Chills
    6. Loss of Smell or loss of taste
    7. Fatigue/ Tiredness
  7. Inform Hotel manager immediately if during your stay you have accidently also come in contact with a symptomatic person
  8. Avoid touching own face /mouth / eyes frequently
  9. Always cough / sneeze in your elbow in case of even of even non-frequent cough or sneezes
  10. Always encourage and educate the person in front of you to wear masks and maintain distance while talking to you.
  11. Always wash /sanitize your hands both before and after handling your face mask
  12. Safely dispose off any face masks / gloves / tissues only in the garbage bag
  13. Prefer to use digital non touch modes of payment like IMPS / NEFT / UPI / Google Pay , etc.
  14. Use Phone or Video Call for maximum communication with Hotel staff even during stay
  15. Download and use the Aarogya Setu app and show status to Hotel staff on demand
  16. Cooperate with Hotel staff and Management in maintaining the safety protocols for everybody’s well being
  17. Mail any suggestions to



  1. Do not frequently come out of your rooms without purpose
  2. Do not interact with other guests without purpose
  3. Do not let your room doors remain open even when you are inside
  4. Do not visit any crowded areas
  5. Do not visit any ‘Containment Areas’ in the city
  6. Do not hide any relevant information
  7. Do not share your mask with anyone
  8. Do not invite any visitors to the hotel
  9. Avoid eating food from joints in which you are not sure of hygiene standards being followed
  10. Do not come to Reception desk for Check out without informing the Receptionist at least 1 hr before and wait for call from their side.
  11. Do not crowd any common areas of the hotel

Understand Covid’19 and How to protect one self and family


  • It is primarily a respiratory illness caused by SARS-COV2 virus but some people also may experience complications in heart , kidney , brain also
  • It spreads mainly via respiratory water droplets exhaled by infected person which may be inhaled by other people
  • It can also spread when someone touches a surface with virus particles and then touches own face / mouth / eyes / nose
  • Most common symptoms of Covid’19 are
    • Fever (even low grade or even intermittent)
    • Cough
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Cold – Sneezing , running nose , blocked nose
    • Chills
    • Loss of Smell or loss of taste
    • Fatigue / tiredness 
  • It is not necessary that everyone who is infected will have all above symptoms. One may have any one or some of the symptoms which can come and go and come again.
  • It may take 2 – 14 days for somebody to develop symptoms after exposure but they are infectious even in this time
  • Most people recover in 10-15 days after developing symptoms
  • As per current research possibly 50-75 out of 100 people may experience NO symptoms at all and may not even know that they had the illness
  • Even People who do not have any symptoms or very mild symptoms can still pass infection to others
  • People with age more than 60 yrs or even younger people with other pre-existing illnesses like high blood pressure , diabetes , asthama , being over weight , heart disease , and other severe illnesses are at much higher risk and may have more severe form of disease and may require hospitalization so these people need to be extra careful. Also if one of family members at home falls in this category then you need to be very cautious .
  • How Severe can Covid’19 can be for an individual as per current research, depends on
    • Personal immunity of person
    • Factors like age , gender , other diseases
    • Amount of Virus exposure
    • How early /or late treatment is started
  • Good personal immunity can protect a person from severity of disease
  • Normal soap with water exposure of over 20 seconds or 70% alcohol sanitizer will kill the virus from skin.
  • 1% sodium hypochloride solution is said to kill the virus on surfaces of articles and floor and walls. (Not to be used on skin)
  • Small water droplets carrying virus from infected persons can travel to 4-5 ft when they are breathing normally through mouth or nose or talking .
  • Small water droplets carrying virus from infected persons can travel from 12-20 ft also through sneeze or cough when they are not wearing masks
  • Small water droplets carrying virus can remain in air for 10 -15 mins or more in enclosed areas
  • Virus can remain alive on surfaces like plastic , glass , metal , carboards etc even upto 3 days if not sanitized.
  • Virus gets greatly diluted in open areas due to wind thus it is best to avoid being in enclosed rooms with others for longer durations
  • You should wear masks to protect others and you should make others wear masks to protect yourself.
  • Most people do not know who is infected , even infected person themselves may not know thus it is best for everybody to wear masks
  • Masks do not 100% guarantee protection from virus thus social distancing along with wearing masks is must
  • Cooking food on high temperatures most likely will kill most virus if it was present in food items
  • Surfaces of fruits , vegetables , grocery , parcels , paper envelopes, crockery & cutlery may be contaminated with virus if they have been handled by an infected person thus may require careful handling and cleaning
  • Regular soapy cleaning Chemicals for floor and windows can kill the virus on proper exposure
  • There are currently NO known remedies or medicines for treatment or prevention so always consult qualified doctors for medical advise
  • One can visit the website of Ministry of Ayush on guidelines to increase basic immunity

Be Safe ... Keep Others Safe and Together we can and we will defeat Covid'19